“…… I am thrilled to own one. She is delightful and enchanting and has pride of place on my mantlepiece. She will give me pleasure for many years to come.”

“….The most joyous pieces, thddough, are of humans; Rachel Ducker’s wire figures, whose heightened emotions are expressed through their outstretched hands rather than their featureless faces. The loveliest piece appears to be an Icarus-like falling figure abandoned and ecstatic with it’s gauze flames that fan from it’s body.”

“…..I was totally blown away when I saw your work, it is absolutely amazing.”

“….we are so pleased with ‘Beatrice’ (as we have decided must be her name) now we have her at home, sitting on the dining room table, between the candlesticks with the wind from the open window blowing her hair and the candle flames.”

“……thank you, it’s very,very beautiful.”

“…..it really is very special and will be up in pride of place in all of my future houses.”